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Nationwide Candidate Conservation Agreement on Energy and Transportation Lands

Monarch butterfly on New England aster.
Monarch butterfly on New England aster. Photo by Rick Hanson/USFWS.

The monarch butterfly Candidate Conservation Agreement with Assurance with integrated Candidate Conservation Agreement for energy and transportation lands is a remarkable opportunity to help the monarch and other pollinators. More than 45 energy and transmission companies and state departments of transportation are voluntarily committing time and funding to carry out monarch butterfly-friendly management practices on millions of acres in rights of way. In turn, their actions may preclude the need to list the monarch or could speed recovery if the monarch is listed under the Endangered Species Act. Additionally, the agreement provides participants regulatory assurances that additional conservation measures will not be required if the monarch is protected under the ESA.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has approved an “enhancement of survival” permit application associated with this agreement. The permit holder is the University of Illinois-Chicago, which is coordinating participation. Find out more about this historic agreement:

News release


Final CCAA

Permit (PDF)

Monarch CCAA biological and conference opinion (PDF)

Monarch CCAA Findings (PDF)

Categorical Exclusion (PDF)