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Two female Greater Sage-grouse stand on a small mound, among green sagebrush, colorful rocks, and yellow flowers. The birds are mostly brown, with white speckled underbellies

Threats to Wildlife

Information icon Two female greater sage-grouse stand in sagebrush at Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge. Photo by Tom Koerner, USFWS.

Threats to Wildlife

In the sagebrush ecosystem, there are certain threats to the long-term health of wildlife populations and their habitats.

After decades of direct and indirect impacts from human activities and natural disturbances, the quality of wildlife habitat in sagebrush country is currently in decline. Fragmentation of healthy habitats has enabled the rapid and extensive spread of invasive weeds, which alters natural wildfire patterns and threatens local communities.

Fortunately, scientists are researching the extent of the threats and how to best address them, and our partners in industry, local and state government, federal agencies, Tribes and beyond are working together to conserve sagebrush now and into the future.

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