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Ecological services offices such as ours:

Dan Welsh working at Cosco Busan oil spill

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  • Protect threatened and endangered species. This includes listing species under the Endangered Species Act and consulting with parties whose projects may affect listed species. See the Endangered Species navigation button.
  • Work with landowners, conservation groups and other agencies to develop cooperative conservation and recovery strategies, including recovery plans and conservation banks. See the Conservation Partnerships and Endangered Species navigation buttons.
  • Monitor and restore the environmental quality of California. This includes responding to oil spills and other hazardous situations, and monitoring fish populations. See the Contaminants and Fish Monitoring navigation buttons.
  • Plan at the ecosystem level, including Coordinated Resource Management Plans (CRMP) and community based watershed efforts. See the Habitat Conservation navigation button.
  • Review water rights proposals, and federal, state, and local agency planning and environmental documents. See the Habitat Conservation navigation button.

Our service area includes California's Central Valley and western slope of the Sierra Nevada (from Lake Shasta to Kern County) and the San Francisco region. Get the jurisdiction and contact information for California's ecological service offices.


The Fish & Wildlife Service also manages the National Wildlife Refuge System, operates fish hatcheries and fishery resource offices, enforces Federal wildlife laws, manages migratory bird populations, conserves and restores habitats such as wetlands, and oversees a Federal Aid program that distributes hundreds of millions of dollars to State fish and wildlife agencies. Visit the Pacific Southwest Regional Office website for more information about these services.

"Conserving, protecting and enhancing fish, wildlife and plants and their habitats for the continuing benefit of the American people."

Last updated: November 10, 2017