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The Fish and Wildlife Field Notes records the activities and accomplishments of Service employees across the Nation. Here are recent stories from our office:

Site Visit Insights from Harry Kahler

Site Visit Insights from Ian Vogel

Site Visit Insights from Valerie Layne

Site Visit Insights from Jill Seymour

National Volunteer Week

#We Conserve

Women in Science

Site Visit Insights from Madeline Drake

5 Tips for Opting Outside in Winter

Site Visit Insights from Lily Douglas

Service Staff Join Sacramento Residents to Improve Habitat for Threatened Species

Site Visit Insights from John Cleckler

3 Tips for Making Fall Wild

Site Visit Insights from Rick Kuyper

What's in Your Garden?

The Art of Bees

Site Visit Insights from Joseph Terry and Valerie Hentges

Pollinator Day

National Pollinator Week

Site Visit Insights from Sarah Markegard

Banding Boosts Tricolored Blackbird Conservation

Students Get Hands-on with Wildlife through Schoolyard Habitats

We Conserve! But We Don't Do It Alone

Ryan Zinke Sworn in as 52nd Secretary of the Interior

Bird Bling: How a Simple Silver Bracelet is Aiding Conservation

'Tis The Season: Sacramento Fish & Wildlife Office Celebrates 20 Years of Holiday Gift-giving

Bitter Creek Wildlife Refuge Creates Ideal Habitat for Giant Kangaroo Rat

Service Honored for Multi-organization Collaboration

Santa Clara and Yolo Counties Get Big Financial Boost to Save Endangered Species


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Last updated: August 1, 2018