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A Special Invitation from Jennifer Norris

April 2, 2018

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Photo of Jennifer Norris holding a WeConserve Sierra Ecosystems sign.
SFWO Field Supervisor Jennifer Norris works with staff and partners to conserve Sierra ecosystems. Photo credit: Scott Norris.
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Photo of Leif Goude holding a WeConserve Herps sign.
SFWO Biologist Leif Goude supports herpetological conservation. Photo credit: Veronica Davison, USFWS.
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Group photo holding a WeConserve Sierra Nevada Yellow-legged Frogs sign.
SFWO and Oakland Zoo staff work together to conserve Sierra Nevada yellow-legged frogs. Photo credit: Bobby Castagna.
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Group photo holding a WeConserve Native Species sign.
SFWO Field Supervisor Jennifer Norris and Recovery and Listing Division Chief Josh Hull join National Park Service staff in support of native species. Photo credit: Rachel Mazur.
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Photo of Valerie Hentges holding a WeConserve Vernal Pool Habitat sign.
SFWO Biologist Valerie Hentges is working to conserve vernal pool habitat.
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Photo of Lindsey Troutman holding a WeConserve Callippe Silverspot Butterfly sign.
SFWO Biologist Lindsey Troutman supports conservation of the endangered Callippe silverspot butterfly. Photo credit: Veronica Davison, USFWS.
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Photo of Jan Knight holding a WeConserve Land Scapes sign.
Habitat is key for SFWO Deputy Field Supervisor Jan Knight who encourages conservation of “landscapes.” Photo credit: Veronica Davison, USFWS.
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Group photo holding a WeConserve CA red-legged frogs sign.
SFWO Sierra Cascades Division Chief Rick Kuyper and Biologist Ian Vogel collaborate with Yosemite National Park Aquatic Ecologist Rob Grasso to protect California Red-legged frogs, but the one pictured here is a paper cut-out. Photo credit: Lisa Acree, Yosemite National Park.
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Group photo holding a WeConserve Vernal Landscapes sign.
SFWO Senior Biologist Valerie Layne works with Caltrans to conserve vernal pool landscapes
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Group photo holding a WeConserve Together sign.
SFWO staff collaborate with representatives from Ridge Top Ranch LLC and WRA Environmental Consultants to support wildlife and plant species at Ridge Top Ranch Conservation Ban. Photo credit: Veronica Davison, USFWS.

In 2017, the Sacramento Fish and Wildlife Office encouraged people to promote their conservation efforts in celebration of Earth Day by using #WeConserve in their social media posts. We were impressed by the response from students, public and private businesses, conservation organizations, hunters, and so many more. SFWO works closely with partners throughout Northern California and beyond to protect imperiled species and we’ve always known that we can’t do it alone.

Whether the focus is endangered species, water, plastic, energy, or trees—your conservation efforts make a difference that all Americans and the species and habitats we care about benefit from. So, join us again this year April 16 through April 22 as we highlight our important conservation work through posting #WeConserve photos on Twitter and other social media platforms. Tag us (@USFWSSac) when you post your #WeConserve photo and we’ll add it to the 2018 Twitter Moment.

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Thank you,

Jennifer Norris, Ph.D.
Field Supervisor

Join the conversation about conservation on Twitter and use #WeConserve to share your contributions.

Last updated: April 15, 2019