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Service Honored for Multi-organization Collaboration

September 29, 2016

Bullock Bend Mitigation Bank Flooding Schedule. Graphic courtesy of Westervelt Ecological Services

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service received an "appreciation of support" acknowledgement from Westervelt Ecological Services (WES) this week for multi-organization collaboration on Bullock Bend Mitigation Bank (Bullock Bend). Focusing primarily on habitat conservation, Sacramento Fish and Wildlife Office (SFWO) staff participated on an interagency review team that included a dozen representatives from federal and state government, as well as non-profit organizations. Collaboration with stakeholders and partners is a priority for SFWO and at the core of how we work. WES’ Executive Vice President, Greg Sutter, expressed the same sentiment during the Bullock Bend grand opening celebration, stating "It is exciting to live in a time where we’re doing positive collaborative projects. We’re all part of this system and we have to work together. It’s not easy to deliver habitat—it takes patience, persistence, and the full community."

Located just 11 miles north of Knights Landing in a rural area of Yolo County, California, this 116.24-acre habitat restoration project re-established connectivity between the Sacramento River and an active floodplain. Both juvenile salmon and steelhead will benefit from the habitat, which provides much needed rearing habitat as they travel down the Sacramento River. Bullock Bend will also serve as habitat for migratory waterfowl and songbirds.

Sacramento Valley has lost 95 percent of floodplain habitat, making this multi-purpose bank one of few with benefits to flood management, habitat, plant and animal species, and the local economy. The restoration includes creation of backwater and off-channel refugia habitat that will be inundated from seasonal flooding. The mitigation bank will be used for offsets for species listed as threatened or endangered by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the National Marine Fisheries Service — supporting credits for salmonids, and Swainson’s hawk, as well as riparian habitat. With funding from a conservation easement and a long-term stewardship endowment, land management activities on the site are funded in perpetuity.

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Sacramento Fish and Wildlife employees receive appreciation of support award

Sacramento Fish and Wildlife employees Jennifer Hobbs and Doug Weinrich receive "appreciation of support" sculpture from Westervelt Ecological Service's Executive Vice President Greg Sutter and President Alicia Cramer. Photo credit: Veronica Davison, SFWO

Photo of Bullock Bend Mitigation Bank

Bullock Bend Mitigation Bank is a 116.24-acre habitat
restoration project to re-establish connectivity between the Sacramento River and an active floodplain in Yolo County, California. Photo credit: Veronica Davison, SFWO

by Veronica Davison / SFWO External Affairs

Last updated: October 22, 2019