Riparian Brush Rabbit Crossword

crossword puzzle


2. A household pet who catches small mammals.

3. What worries Smokey the Bear?

6. A word that means held in a cage or pen.

7. A place set aside to protect habitat.

8. Something green that rabbits eat.

11. The name of the Valley and River where
riparian brush rabbits live.


1. An acronym for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

2. A fuzzy-tailed rabbit. (Hint: Peter Rabbit was one.)

4. _______ vegetation grows along a river. (Hint: It's part of the name of this rabbit.)

5. The goal of our captive breeding program. (Hint: It's another name for young animals.)

9. What happens after too much rain?

10. Another name for "rabbit."


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