Trainings offered to help engage students in outdoor learning photo

Photo: USFWS

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The Fish and Wildlife Field Notes records the activities and accomplishments of Service employees across the Nation. Here are recent stories from our office:

'Tis The Season: Sacramento Fish & Wildlife Office Celebrates 20 Years of Holiday Gift-giving

Bitter Creek Wildlife Refuge Creates Ideal Habitat for Giant Kangaroo Rat

Service Honored for Multi-organization Collaboration

Santa Clara and Yolo Counties Get Big Financial Boost to Save Endangered Species

Rescue for Recovery

Partnering to Provide a New Place to Roam in the San Joaquin Valley

Outfoxing mange in the San Joaquin kit fox

CalTrans and Service Team Up for Monarch Habitat

Service Working to Combat Killer Chytrid in California Frog Populations

A Drop of Volunteerism Makes for Positive Ripples

Conservation Champion Cay Goude Retires

Creating an Oasis, Getting Results

2014 Accomplishments Report

Trainings Offered to Help Engage Students in Outdoor Learning

Sacramento Fish and Wildlife Office Partners Granted $8M+ for Conservation

A Cuckoo's Story

A Day with the Giant Garter Snake

Habitat Conservation Plans: Good for Wildlife – Good for People

Secretary Jewell Highlights Landmark Contra Costa Partnership Benefiting Imperiled Species,
Supporting Economic Growth

Team Recognized for Rapid Restoration after Oil Spill

Beating Back Extinction One Plant at a Time

Surveying for Endangered Species

Jewelflower Returns to Tulare Hill

Bridging the Way to Nature from the Classroom

Smart Planning Completed for Development and Habitat Conservation for Santa Clara Valley


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