Conservation Planning Assistance

Cooperation and Coordination in Action

Kanaka Valley

Photo by Stephanie Rickabaugh, USFWS

The Conservation Planning Assistance program works directly with other Federal agencies and programs, as well as the American public, on infrastructure development projects to protect the environment and preserve our Nation's biological, terrestrial and aquatic natural resources.

Field biologists in the Habitat Conservation Division assist project proponents, planners, and agency personnel in developing plans that conserve, restore or enhance fish and wildlife while at the same time accomplishing the objectives of proposed development. Our biologists in the field have numerous duties and bring numerous tools to bear on their challenging jobs: reviewing and providing recommendations on plans and development designs, crafting mitigation plans, providing expertise in wildlife and habitat science, and serving as members on planning teams.

Coordination with Federal Agencies

The Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act and the National Environmental Policy Act provide the authority for the Service's involvement in evaluating impacts to fish and wildlife from proposed water resource development projects.

Habitat Conservation Plans

Looking for information on Habitat Conservations Plans? Visit our HCP Page under the Endangered Species category.

Habitat Conservation Division

Putah Creek near Davis, Marc Hoshovsky 1. Unique and irreplaceable areas (Shaded Riverine Aquatic Habitat) Putah Creek
Pescadero Marsh 2. areas scarce or becoming scarce regionally (Wetland Habitat) Pescadero Marsh