Species Lists

Make an species list for a specific area within our jurisdiction.


  • In order get a list for a U.S. Geological Survey 7½ minute quad, you must know the number of the quad.
  • If you know the quad name but not the number, see our lookup page. For your convenience, the page will open in a new window.
  • You can also use the lookup page to make a quick list for one quad.
  • If you are getting a list for consultation with the Service, see our Action area (PDF | RTF) page.
  • After you create the list, you will have the option of creating a personalized official letter to go with it.

Make the List:

Select California counties and/or U.S. Geological Survey 7.5 minute quads from the lists below. Then hit the Make Species List button below the lists.


(You can select more than one item by holding down your Shift and/or Ctrl key)

Combine counties into one list?

Combine quads into one list?


Please Note:

This is not an occurence list. Our database was developed primarily to assist Federal agencies that are consulting with us. Therefore, our lists include all of the sensitive species that have been found in a certain area and ones that may be affected by projects in the area.

In other words, we include all of the species we want people to consider when they do something that affects the environment. A list may include fishes hundreds of miles downstream from the project. See our Action area (RTF) page for more information.

If you want a list of species that have actually been observed in a specific area, contact the CA Department of Fish & Game's Quick Viewer.

See also CDFW's State and Federal listed species pages: