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Species of Concern

Species of Concern is an informal term. It is not defined in the federal Endangered Species Act. The term commonly refers to species that are declining or appear to be in need of conservation.

Many agencies and organizations maintain lists of at-risk species. (See side bar) These lists provide essential information for land management planning and conservation efforts.

The Sacramento Fish and Wildlife Office does not maintain a Species of Concern list.

Avoiding Listing

The best way to help at-risk species is to help them recover before they decline to the point where they need formal protection.

We take an active role with our partners, stakeholders and other knowledgeable people to identify and conserve sensitive species, identify research needs and set priorities for recovery.

Section 6 grants to states and territories can be used for unlisted species under habitat conservation plans.

Recovery Plans

Our recovery plans typically include sensitive unlisted species. We recommend that you consult the following plans when working in applicable ecosystems:

Last updated: April 5, 2018