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5-Year Reviews


The Endangered Species Act requires us to review each listed species at least every 5 years. We determine whether species should be removed from the list (delisted) or reclassified from endangered to threatened, or threatened to endangered.

Bay Checkerspot Butterfly

Service Recommends uplisting Bay CHeckerspot Butterfly to endangered
News Release, October 20, 2009

No change for Callippe silverspot butterfly, Clara Hunt’s milk-vetch, hairy Orcutt grass, Kenwood Marsh checkermallow, Lake County stonecrop, Loch Lomond coyote thistle, palmate-bracted bird’s-beak, Pitkin Marsh lily, Shasta crayfish, Springville clarkia and white sedge.

Service Recommends No Change for Eight Species in Our Area

News Release, April 8, 2009
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No change for Delta green ground beetle, Hoover’s spurge, large-flowered fiddleneck, many-flowered navarretia, Myrtle’s silverspot butterfly, soft bird’s-beak, Solano grass, Suisun thistle.

Service Recommends No Change for Four Bay Area Species

News Release, October 8, 2008
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No change for Burke's goldfields, Contra Costa goldfields, Sebastopol meadowfoam, and Sonoma sunshine.

Service Recommends No Change for Seven species Found in Our Area

News Release, September 10, 2008
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No change for Antioch Dunes evening-primrose, Butte County meadowfoam, Colusa grass, Contra Costa wallflower, few-flowered navarretia, Lange's metalmark butterfly, and Sacramento Orcutt grass.

Moth, Fairy Shrimps and Fish

News Release, October 9, 2007
No change recommended for these species:

Downlisting to threatened recommended for this species:

Garter Snakes

September 2006
No change recommended

Valley Elderberry Longhorn Beetle

September 2006
Recommended for delisting

Northern Spotted Owl

November 15, 2004
Species to remain listed as threatened
No. Spotted Owl 5-Year Review (2.1 MB PDF)

Marbled Murrelet

September 1, 2004
Population of in CA, OR & WA does not meet the criteria for designation as a Distinct Population Segment. The Service will conduct a range-wide review.
Marbled murrelet 5-yr overview (124 KB PDF)

Delta Smelt

March 31, 2004
Species to remain listed as threatened
Delta smelt 5-Year Review (2.1 MB PDF)

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