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Vernal Pool Critical Habitat

Federal Register Maps

(All maps are in PDF format.)

These are the maps published in the Federal Register. For more detailed maps, see our national Critical Habitat Mapper.

Project developers seeking precise geospatial data, visit our Critical Habitat Data page.

Critical Habitat Designation—2005

On August 11, 2005, the Service published a final critical habitat designation for 22 vernal pool ecosystem units in California and Oregon. However, we did not designate the critical habitat on a species by unit basis. The maps in this notice are for historic reference only, not for project development.

See also the table of acreage totals by county

Designation of Species by Unit—2006

In a February 10, 2006, revision, we identified the designated critical habitat on a species by unit basis.

These are the maps to use if you want a general idea of which species are protected in a specific area. For more precise data, use the Service's national Critical Habitat Mapper.

The pdf version of the Federal Register notice (Federal Register 71:7117) is quite large (2 MB). For your convenience we have broken it down into parts that can be downloaded. See below.

The Plain text version of the Federal Register notice is much smaller (490 KB). It has unit descriptions but no maps.

See also unit descriptions and statistics (3.2 MB PDF)

Sections of the 2/10/06 Notice

Introduction. Conservancy and longhorn fairy shrimps. (2.7 MB PDF)

Vernal pool fairy shrimp - part 3 (2.3 MB PDF)

Tadpole shrimp part 2 (1.6 MB PDF)

Contra Costa Goldfields, Butte Meadowfoam, Colusa grass (1.1 MB PDF)

Fleshy owl's-clover, Hoover's spurge (1.1 MB PDF)

San Joaquin and hairy Orcutt grasses (1.1 MB PDF)

Slender, Sacramento and Solano Orcutt grasses. Greene's tuctoria. (1.8 MB PDF)

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