Freedom of Information Act

Frequently Asked Questions

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There is a great deal of information readily available to you without an official FOIA request. Check the links on the left side of this page.

How do I submit a FOIA request?

A FOIA request must be submitted in writing. It should clearly state and describe what you are looking for in enough detail so an employee can locate the records. Be as concise and specific as possible.

What should I include with my request?

How long will it take for a response?

You should expect a response 20-30 workdays from the day of when the request was received by the bureau to conclude whether or not your FOIA request has been granted. Response time will depend on the issues regarding your request.

Is there a way to speed up the processing of my FOIA request?

The request can be accelerated under the following circumstances:

In order to speed up a request, submit a detailed statement of why the request needs prompt attention. You should be contacted within ten days of the receipt of your request.

How much does it cost to make a FOIA request?

Agencies are required to charge fees according to the direct costs of searching for, reviewing, and duplicating documents responding to a FOIA request. Depending on what type of category you requested will also be a determining factor in fee costs. A fee normally will not be charged if the fee would be $30 or less.

When and how are fees waived?

Requests for fee waivers are decided on a case-by-case basis. You are not entitled to a fee-waiver for every request you submit. A fee will be waived under these circumstances:

How will my request be responded to?

A reasonable effort will be made to search for all records responsive to your request. In responding to your request, you will receive a response letter or notification of how, when, and where the records will be made available, or it will be denied if one or more of the nine exemptions applies to the document you have requested.

When can I file an appeal?

You can file an appeal when:

Where do I send my request?

Pacific Region Office
Budget and Administration
Eastside Federal Complex

911 NE 11th Ave.
Portland, OR 97232-4181
Phone: 503-231-2072
Fax: 503-231-6259
Contact: Patti Carroll

This office covers California, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Washington. For other regions, see our national home page for the url of the regional office.