Fish Production Estimates

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Birds in Suisun Marsh, Angelo Garcia, Jr., Dept. Water Resources
Photo: M Gingras, CDFW

Pt. Reyes
Photo: Carley Sweet, USFWS

Guy West Bridge, American River
Photo: Harry Mossman, USFWS

Battle Creek
Photo: Dept. Water Resources


Because fish production goals associated with the Central Valley Project Improvement Act pertain to naturally produced fish, CAMP is especially interested in the natural production of 9 anadromous fish species. It is also necessary to monitor hatchery fish numbers to calculate natural production.

Estimates of natural production of anadromous fish from 14 watersheds or areas in the Central Valley. All of the data is in PDF format.

More Information

In the future, the CAMP focus may include stream-side or upland habitats.