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Wildlife filmmakers interested in exploring feature film opportunities on refuges have no shortage of spectacles to choose from. This list, drawn from less than 10 percent of refuges nationwide, suggests the range of possibilities. 

Note: Some of these areas or activities are normally closed to the public.  Journalists are encouraged to call ahead to make arrangements.

All Year
A Pacific Paradise... with a Past (Midway Atoll)
Where The Buffalo Still Roam (Montana, Nebraska, Oklahoma)
"Galapagos of the Caribbean" (Caribbean Island)
A Darling Spot Anytime (Florida)

Wintering White Pelicans (California)
Gentle Giants in Crystal Clear Waters (Florida)
A Real Life Jurassic Park (Georgia)
"Million Mallards" at White River (Arkansas)

Spring Songbird Serenade (Minnesota)
Seabird, Shark & Seal Colony (California)
A Blizzard of Geese (South Dakota)
Muskox in Winter (Alaska)
Take a Voyage on the M/V Tiglax (Alaska)
Peek Below the Prairie Grass, (Montana)

Shore Bird Migration (Washington)
Wading Bird Migration and Nesting (Nevada)
Plethora of Pelicans (North Dakota)
White Pelican Nesting Colony (Nevada)
Crane and Swan Migration (Alaska)
Mingled Migrations & More! (Texas)

Long March of the Arctic Caribou (Alaska) 
An Initimate Encounter with Eagles (Minnesota)
Nesting Sandhill Cranes (Idaho)
Courtship of the Sprague's Pipit (North Dakota)
Spring Shorebird Crab Feast (New Jersey)
Pounding Wings, Surf, Hooves (Virginia)
Offshore Seabird Sanctuary (Maine)
Clouds of Shorebirds (Kansas)

Sonoran Summer Spectacle Series (Arizona)
Great Blue Heron Nesting Colony (Vermont)
Bighorn Sheep Belly Up to the Bar (Arizona)
Tourists and Turtles Hit the Beach (Florida)

Nesting of the White-faced Ibis (Utah)
Giant Bears Snack on Salmon (Alaska)

Clouds of Shorebirds (Kansas)
American Avocet Migration (Utah)
Wading Bird Migration and Nesting (Nevada)

Primordial Paradise in Izembek Lagoon (Alaska)
A Feast Before the Journey (Alaska)
Going Once, Going Twice! (Oklahoma)
Crane and Swan Migration (Alaska)
Fall Colors in Northern Minnesota (Minnesota)


Aerial Desert Bighorn Sheep Survey (Arizona)
Largest Wintering Elk Herd (Wyoming)
Mighty Moose Rut (Alaska)
Montana's Valley of the Swans (Montana)
Canada Goose Eruption (Wisconsin)
Thousands of Sandhill Cranes (Kansas)
Waterfowl Concentration (California)
Fall Waterfowl Migration (New Jersey)
Whoopers Arrive at Aransas (Texas)

Snow Geese, Past and Present (Iowa)
A Pacific Paradise...with a Past (Midway Atoll)
Festival of the Cranes at Bosque del Apache(New Mexico)
Rafts of Canvasback Ducks (Wisconsin & Iowa)

Wintering Bald Eagles (California)
Flooded Trees and Cypress Knees (Missouri)
Cranes, Cranes Everywhere! (Texas)

This list is drawn from less than 10 percent of national wildlife refuges nationwide -- it's just the tip of the iceberg. To get started, learn more, or request a copy of the National Wildlife Refuge System video, call (202) 208-5634 or write