2014 Wilderness Fellows on National Wildlife Refuges

Since 2011, the Wilderness Character Monitoring program, has assessed refuges to evaluate the impacts of nearby development, climate changes, management actions and other factors on wilderness character to better ensure the preservation of the these wild areas for future generations.
Wilderness Fellows Fellows spend six months in a wilderness refuge, taking training courses, developing an inventory and monitoring strategy, and producing baseline data about wilderness character.  Fellows gain valuable career experience while helping advance stewardship of wilderness resources.
The Adventures of 2014 Wilderness Fellow Morgan Gantz 

Monica Patel Corey Anco Nyssa Landres
2011 Wilderness Fellow Monica Patel does shoreline inventory at Edwin B. Forsythe Refuge, NJ. 2011 Wilderness Fellow Corey Anco devised a plan to track changes in wilderness character at Izembek and Becharof National Wildlife Refuges, AK.
Credit: USFWS
2013 Wilderness Fellow Nyssa Landres worked at Farallon National Wildlife Refuge, CA.