Refuge Resource Vulnerability Assessments

The Refuge System and the nonprofit NatureServe  have pilot tested a methodology to help refuge managers assess the vulnerability of refuge resources to climate change and other stressors.   The methodology was applied to two refuges:   Sheldon-Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge Complex,  OR/NV, and the Eastern Shore of Virginia and Fisherman Island Refuge Complex.   An element of the methodology is the use of Expert Workshops to help develop management options for refuges, based on climate change scenarios.

High Tide
Feral horses and burros on Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge are directly affecting the refuge's ability to support native plants and wildlife and restore the native ecosystem.

Introduction to the Refuge Resource Vulnerability Assessments

Sheldon Hart National Antelope Refuge Complex Refuge Vulnerability Assessment Report

Eastern Shore of Virginia National Wildlife Refuge Complex Refuge Vulnerability Assessment Report

A Manager's Guide to Refuge Vulnerability Assessment and Alternatives

Refuge Vulnerability Assessment  and Alternatives Technical Guide