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Information iconHorseshoe crabs come ashore in spring at Mispillion Harbor, Delaware. (Photo: Gregory Breese/USFWS)

National wildlife refuges are world-renowned as places to see great seasonal migrations of fish and wildlife, iconic animals like bison and bears, and ordinary creatures thriving in their natural habitats.

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Natural Spectacles

National wildlife refuges are world-renowned as places to see the remarkable mass movements of wildlife as the seasons change. Refuge bird festivals showcase spring and fall bird migrations. Every May, visitors flock to Delaware Bay beaches near Prime Hook Wildlife Refuge to see horseshoe crabs come ashore to lay their eggs. In Florida, volunteers patrol beaches at Archie Carr Refuge and elsewhere to protect sea turtle nests from predators and erosion. Fall wildlife spectacles include bugling elk and migrating monarch butterflies. Many wildlife refuges offer scenic drives all year long.

Other Favorite Sights

Sightseeing for non-hikers
Information iconCarved posts along the Art Trail at Willapa National Wildlife Refuge in Washington state show stages in the salmon life cycle. (Photo: Jason Taellious/Flickr Creative Commons)
Information iconRed Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge, Montana. (Photo: George Jordan/USFWS)