National Wildlife Refuge System

Leadership Development Council


The purpose of the Leadership Development Council (LDC) is to transition the National Wildlife Refuge System into a more diverse, streamlined, efficient organization that promotes leadership in all positions.  The LDC will develop programs and policies to enhance diversity recruiting and retention, provide pathways for career development, provide leadership training and development for the next generation of leaders, enhance mentoring, and evaluate the potential for and effectiveness of leadership at all levels.  The LDC will also implement efficiencies to improve organizational excellence. 


Specifically, the LDC is to build on 1999 Fulfilling the Promise recommendations L1-L6 and implement Conserving the Future recommendations 21-24.


Recommendation 21: Assemble an evaluation team consisting of Service and Refuge System leaders to report to the Service Directorate on opportunities for organizational realignments or programmatic efficiencies.


Recommendation 22: Within the next 10 years, make our workforce match the diversity in the civilian labor workforce. Recruit and retain a workforce that reflects the ethnic, age, socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds, and language diversity of contemporary America.


Recommendation 23: Revisit Fulfilling the Promise and seek innovative ways to address the recommendations therein to reinvigorate our commitment to leadership development.


Recommendation 24: Develop and mentor Refuge System employees so they are fully equipped to accept the responsibilities of leadership at all levels in the Service.



E-Guide for Employee Development: This E-Guide was written for Service employees. If you would like additional information, contact


Last updated: April 24, 2015