National Wildlife Refuge System



Develop a comprehensive strategy that effectively builds communication between the Refuge System and all Americans.  By gaining a better understanding of the values and interests of a more diverse public, the Service and the Refuge System can better articulate the benefits of healthy fish and wildlife habitats to the American people.  This strategy must include a comprehensive assessment of how to effectively communication through social media and web based applications.


This team is implementing two of the 24 recommendations in the Conserving the Future vision:


Recommendation 14: Create a strategic communications plan that educates the public about our mission and accomplishments, and creates a positive, professional “brand” for the System.


Recommendation 15: Develop integrated mechanisms for using web-based and other emerging technologies to store and share data, communicate within the System, and inspire and educate visitors and the public.



Flipbook Version: Introduction to Social Media and "How To" Guide
PDF Version: Introduction to Social Media and "How To" Guide(919KB)

Last updated: April 24, 2015