People on accessible observation deck at Shell Island Overlook, Oregon Islands NWR.
Accessible observation deck at Shell Island Overlook, Oregon Islands NWR. Built with TE funds from Oregon DOT.

Fish and Wildlife Service stations are eligible to apply for Transportation Enhancements (TE) activities. These are funded by the Federal Highway Administration and managed by State Departments of Transportation (DOT). Over $800,000,000 annually is available through the DOTs for TE projects. The programs fund community-based projects that expand travel choices and enhance the transportation experience by improving the cultural, historic, aesthetic and environmental aspects of our transportation infrastructure. TE projects must be one of 12 eligible activities and must be related to surface transportation. Matching funds are required, but can be in-kind in some cases, and can be Refuge Roads Programs funds or other FWS appropriated money.

For example, projects can include creation of bicycle and pedestrian facilities, streetscape improvements, refurbishment of historic transportation facilities, and other investments that enhance communities and access. Since the FHWA provides funding for TE projects through our nation's surface transportation legislation, TE projects are excellent opportunities for partnerships with groups that the Service generally does not work with often.

A Guide to Seeking Transportation Funds for Fish and Wildlife Service staff has been updated to reflect the changes in the program made by SAFETEA-LU and is available at this link. (214 KB PDF)

More information on the TE program in general, and on your state's TE programs, can be found at Your state's TE program manager will be glad to discuss that state's TE program and any potential projects with you.

To discuss a potential project, matching funds and partners, you can also contact Nathan Caldwell, the Service Transportation Enhancements Coordinator, at (703) 358-2205, or

If you have any questions about Transportation Enhancements, please contact either the appropriate regional FWS transportation coordinator or national transportation enhancements coordinator, Nathan Caldwell of the Fish and Wildlife Service at (703) 358-2205, or by e-mail at