Road Ecology and Environmental Impacts

Listed below are a number of websites on the internet that contain information regarding ecological, biological and public use issues related to roads.

Annotated Bibliography Impacts of roads on forests - Natural Resources Defense Council.

Center for Transportation and the Environment Through programs of research, education, and technology transfer, the center that seeks to mitigate the impacts of surface transportation on the environment.

Computer Model for Exploring Highway-Wildlife Relationships. Information about a computer model developed in Florida.

Fish Passage Through Culverts An annotated bibliography of 96 articles. Prepared by the Six Rivers National Forest Watershed Interactions Team

The FHWA Environmental Research Program (ERP) Projects Database tracks and documents active and completed research from 1990 to present that has been funded by FHWA ERP.

Infra Eco Network Europe - European network of experts and institutions involved in the field of habitat fragmentation and transportation infrastructure.

Greener Roadsides Quarterly newsletter of the Federal Highway Administration promoting control of invasive species and use of native species along roadsides.

Highway Effects on Wildlife Highway Mitigation Research in the Mountain Parks, Banff National Park, Canada.

International Conference on Wildlife Ecology and Transportation

Keeping It Simple Easy Ways to Help Wildlife Along Roads.

Linking Habitats and Reducing Roadkill The web site describes transportation's impacts on wildlife and highlights exemplary projects and processes that are helping to reduce these impacts.

National Park Service 0Transportation Web Site.

Noise - Synthesis of Noise Effects on Wildlife Populations

Planning Trails with Wildlife in Mind - Colorado State Parks.

Roads and the Environment: A Handbook Published by the World Bank.

Snoqualmie Pass Wildlife Habitat Linkage Assessment, US Forest Service Report prepared for the Washington Department of Transportation.

Transportation Research Information Services (TRIS) Database Search the Transportation Research Board Library for articles related to ecology, wildlife and other topics. Abstracts from over 400,000 books and journals published since 1960.

Wildlife Ecology in Transportation Center for Transportation and the Environment. Searchable database.