Intelligent Transportation Systems

ITS is a general term applied to a broad range of diverse technologies known collectively as intelligent transportation systems. The proponents of ITS believe it holds the answer to many of our transportation problems. ITS is built on a number of technologies, including information processing, communications, control, and electronics. Effectively integrating these technologies in our transportation system will save lives, time, and money.

ITS provides the intelligent link between travelers, vehicles, and the physical transportation infrastructure. Examples include the use of ITS to:

  • Collect and transmit information on traffic conditions and transit schedules for travelers before and during their trips.
  • Alert travelers to hazards and delays so they can change their plans to minimize inconvenience and additional strain on the system.
  • Decrease congestion by reducing the number of traffic incidents, clearing them more quickly when they occur, and rerouting traffic flow around them.
  • Assist drivers in reaching a desired destination with navigation systems enhanced with pathfinding, or route guidance.

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