Since 2000 the Federal Lands Highways, Central Federal Lands Division has collected geo-spatial data on all roads and parking lots for use with geographic information systems. In 2006 and 2007 the inventory program conducted a one-time collection of geo-spatial data on public use trails. This information is available for use by other federal agencies, state agencies, local governments and the public.

With the exception of new units added to the National Wildlife Refuge System, it is not expected that there will be many route changes during the follow-up inventories contucted by Federal Lands Highways. The data will be updated whenever new information is gathered.

Note: A list of other available geospatial data can be found on the Service's Geographic Systems Home Page

Metadata for roads and parking lots

Alabama (163 KB) Arizona (299 kb) Arkansas (543 KB)
California (469 KB) Colorado Connecticut (5 KB)
Delaware (13 KB) Florida (494 KB) Georgia (182 KB)
Guam (11 KB) Hawaii (35 KB) Idaho (144 KB)
Illinois (220 KB) Indiana (70 KB) Iowa (113 KB)
Kansas Kentucky (6 KB) Louisiana (263 KB)
Maine (61 KB) Maryland (128 KB) Massachusetts (48 KB)
Michigan (73 KB) Missouri (128 KB) Minnesota (438 KB)
Mississippi (243 KB) Montana - Roads (2.08 MB) Parking (69 KB) Nebraska
Nevada (536 KB) New Hampshire (17 KB) New Jersey (47 KB)
New Mexico (53 kb) New York (66 KB) North Carolina (235 KB)
North Dakota - Roads (720 KB) Parking (80 KB) Ohio (16 KB) Oklahoma (218 kb)
Oregon (150 KB) Pennsylvania (30 KB) Puerto Rico (5 KB)
Rhode Island (9 KB) South Carolina (303 KB) South Dakota
Tennesee (203 KB) Texas (229 kb) Utah
Vermont (16 KB) Virgin Islands (13 KB) Virginia (130 KB)
Washington (344 KB) Wisconsin (128 KB) West Virginia (14 KB)