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National Wildlife Refuge

Fall frosts turn prairie grasses various shades of orange, tan, and brown.
HC 37 Box 37
Valentine, NE   69201
E-mail: FortNiobrara@fws.gov
Phone Number: 402-376-3789
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At Valentine National Wildlife Refuge, prairie extends for miles in all directions, providing habitat for grassland birds.
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  Recreation and Education Opportunities

Environmental Education
Structured educational programs are available for schools, colleges, and professional groups. If you are interested in a program, please contact the Refuge staff for additional information.

Boating and fishing is allowed on the Refuge lakes. Regulations concerning fishing on the Refuge are available at the Refuge headquarters or from dispensers at the Refuge. State of Nebraska fishing regulations apply.

Upland game, deer, and waterfowl hunting are allowed. Regulations concerning hunting on the Refuge are available at the Refuge headquarters or from dispensers at the Refuge. State of Nebraska hunting regulations apply in addition to special Refuge regulations.

There is a self-guided interpretive trail with interpretive leaflets available in kiosks along the way.

Wildlife Observation
Birdwatching, general wildlife observation, and photography are encouraged. To best observe wildlife, come early in the morning or before sunset. Bring binoculars and quietly walk the Refuge trails. Refuge staff access trails are open to public hiking, but vehicles must stay on designated public roads. In the spring, observation blinds are provided for viewing prairie chickens and sharp-tailed grouse courtship displays.

The Hackberry Complex headquarters is open from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday, except for Federal holidays.

Entrance Fees
The Refuge does not charge an entrance fee.

Use Fees
The Refuge does not charge user fees (i.e., hunt fees, camping fees, boat launch, meeting rooms rental fees, auto tour fees, guided tour fees, etc.).
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