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Wetland Management District

Dark green plants ring the shoreline of a wetland at Arrowwood Wetland Management District.
7745 11th Street SE
Pingree, ND   58476
E-mail: arrowwood@fws.gov
Phone Number: 701-285-3341
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Wetlands protected by Arrowwood Wetland Management District provide the right combination of habitats for many waterbirds such as ducks, grebes, and herons.
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  Recreation and Education Opportunities

Environmental Education
Educational programs are available to local schools and clubs, as well as professional groups. Contact the District Manager for more information.

Fishing is permitted in accordance with state and Federal laws on all WPAs. All state regulations apply, and state issued licenses are required. Walk-in access is permitted year-round; however, vehicle use is strictly prohibited. Contact the District Manager prior to fishing for current regulations.

The Arrowwood District offers brochures, leaflets, and maps that describe the area including opportunities that abound on the District. District staff is also available to provide information and educational activities to the interested public. Traveling displays describing our mission and the National Wildlife Refuge System are on-hand and can be shipped for use anywhere in the state. The District also has an excellent reference library and video collection. Most library selections are available for loan to schools and organizations.

Wildlife Observation
Wildlife observation can be incredible on the WPAs. Photography may be pursued almost anywhere on the WPAs. Common wildlife species include a variety of waterfowl, upland game birds, grassland songbirds, migrating shorebirds and warblers, birds of prey, deer, and numerous fur bearers. There are ample opportunities to view and photograph native plants, landscapes, and other interesting features of the WPAs. Walk-in access is permitted year-round, but vehicle use is strictly prohibited.

The District headquarters is open from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday, except on Federal holidays. WPAs are open from dawn to dusk, year-round.

Entrance Fees
No entrance fees charged for access to WPAs.

Use Fees
The Wetland Management District does not charge user fees (i.e., hunt fees, camping fees, boat launch, meeting rooms rental fees, auto tour fees, guided tour fees, etc.).
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