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Benton Lake
Wetland Management District

A large number of waterfowl are clustered on a lake under a clear blue sky.  Snow-capped mountains rise up in the distance.
922 Bootlegger Trail
Great Falls, MT   59404
E-mail: bentonlake@fws.gov
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Benton Lake Wetland Management District contains important wildlife habitat in the prairies and mountains of north-central Montana.
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  Recreation and Education Opportunities

Arod Lakes WPA and Blackfoot WPA offer recreational fishing opportunities.

All WPAs in the District, except Sands WPA and H2-O WPA, are open to hunting and trapping in accordance with Montana State law. All travel on the WPAs is by foot traffic only. No camping, overnight parking, or fires are permitted.

Wildlife Observation
The Benton Lake District offers visitors diverse viewing opportunities. Wildflowers on the Jarina WPA along the Rocky Mountain front are spectacular in early summer. The Blackfoot, H2-0, and Kleinschmidt Lake WPAs in the Blackfoot Valley are home to sandhill cranes, black terns, and red-necked grebes. Visitors may also see a mountain lion or grizzly bear.

WPAs found in northern Toole County are home to Baird's sparrows, Sprague's pipits, and many species of nesting waterfowl. During years with good water conditions, WPA marshes are covered with duck broods.

Open sunrise to sunset. Some WPAs may be closed during spring and summer to protect nesting birds. Please check with District staff for specific closures.

The District headquarters, located at Benton Lake NWR, is open from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday, except for Federal holidays.

Entrance Fees
No entrance fees charged for access to WPAs.

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