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Oyster Bay
National Wildlife Refuge

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Oyster Bay, NY   11771
E-mail: longislandrefuges@fws.gov
Phone Number: 631-286-0485
Visit the Refuge's Web Site:
Wintering waterfowl such as this canvasback, black duck and scaup rely on Oyster Bay for food and shelter during the colder months. (copyright Ed Sambolin)
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  Recreation and Education Opportunities

Environmental Education
Two non-profit organizations, Friends of the Bay and The Waterfront Center, offer excellent opportunities for environmental education and more! Contact Refuge Headquarters for further information.

Striped bass and bluefish are the catch of the day! Commercial shellfishing is by permit only. Fishing is mainly by boat; state and federal regulations apply.

Wildlife Observation
Summer offers the best chance to see & photograph osprey, egret, and herons as you cruise, canoe or kayak the waters of Oyster Bay NWR. An especially observant visitor can spot diamondback terrapins in shallow waters along the wetlands.

Winter offers the best opportunities for viewing waterfowl. Thousands of ducks winter on the Refuge, particularly black duck, greater scaup, bufflehead, and canvasback.

Oyster Bay's most scenic aspects are the saltmarshes, accessible by canoe or kayak. Local vendors will be more than happy to accommodate your trip with the proper gear and directions.

Open year-round, 24 hrs.

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