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Fern Cave
National Wildlife Refuge

2700 Refuge Headquarters Road
Decatur, AL   35609
E-mail: wheeler@fws.gov
Phone Number: 256-353-7243
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Fern Cave NWR is named after the endangered American Hart's Tongue fern but is also home to other endangered species like the Grey bat and Indiana bat.
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  Recreation and Education Opportunities

Wildlife Observation
Wildlife Observation and Photography - Fern Cave itself is not open to the public due to the potential for disturbance of federally endangered gray and Indiana bats. Other portions of the 199 acre Refuge are open to the public. Public use is limited due to the rugged terrain of Nat Mountain. The Refuge elevation changes from the relative flat of the Paint Rock River valley to the 1,500+ feet elevation at near the top of the mountain. Viewing the bat emergences from one of the many cave openings is not recommended due to their remote location. Being on top of the mountain at dark and having to walk back down could result in serious injuries as there are no established hiking trails.

Open daylight hours only (year-round).

Entrance Fees
All Refuge facilities are free to the public

Use Fees
All Refuge facilities are free to the public.
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