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Shell Keys
National Wildlife Refuge

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1428 Highway 27
Bell City, LA   70630
E-mail: SoutheastLouisiana@fws.gov
Phone Number: 337-598-2216
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This small group of islands or "keys" is often overwashed & sometimes disappears, a testimony to Louisiana's dissapearing coastline.
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  Recreation and Education Opportunities

As the refuge is located just south of the coastline, fishing is the only activity that can reliably occur on the refuge. Redfish, spotted seatrout, flounder and other species feed on the baitfish that take shelter in the shallow waters of the key.

Wildlife Observation
The key is often submerged for extended periods of time so that no nesting birds have been observed at the refuge for years. Birds do visit the key when it shows itself but it is unadvisable to head to this specific location to see wildlife. Coastal Louisiana in general, however, does offer some of the best wildlife observation and photography around.

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