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Swan Lake
National Wildlife Refuge

Canada goose on water
16194 Swan Lake Avenue
Sumner, MO   64681
E-mail: swanlake@fws.gov
Phone Number: 660-856-3323
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Swan Lake Refuge is a primary wintering area for Canada geese.
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  Recreation and Education Opportunities

Environmental Education
Although limited demand currently exists for environmental education activities, refuge staff are available upon request for needed assistance.

Fishing is permitted from March 1 through October 15 on all waters of the refuge, in accordance with State regulations. Channel catfish, carp, bullhead, white crappies, and big-mouth buffalo comprise the bulk of the fish species found here.

Three special deer hunts using muzzeloading firearms occur annually on Swan Lake Refuge. All three hunts take place in January and require application through the Missouri Department of Conservation prior to the hunt. Check with refuge personnel for details. In addition to deer hunting, the refuge offers a public goose hunting program. Hunting brochures and additional information are available from the refuge office upon request.

Interpretive facilites on Swan Lake include a 1/2-mile nature trail, numerous overlooks/observation areas, twenty miles of public graveled roads, an observation tower, and a refuge visitor center. Numerous refuge brochures are available at the refuge visitor center or upon request.

Wildlife Observation
Refuge wildlife can be viewed and photographed during much of the year. Facilities include a 1/2-mile nature trail, numerous overlooks/observation areas, twenty miles of public graveled roads, and an observation tower. Best times are early morning or early evening in the spring or fall seasons. Both waterfowl and shorebird migration can be spectacular. Check with refuge personnel prior to scheduling a visit to obtain population estimates and other useful information.

Visitor Center - Open 7:30 am to 4:00 pm, Monday - Friday. Wildlife Drive/Outdoor Facilities - Open daily, daylight hours only. Portions of the refuge are closed October 15 through March 1. Check with refuge personnel at 660/856-3323 for additional information.

Entrance Fees
This refuge does not require an entrance fee.

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