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Bear Lake
National Wildlife Refuge

322 North 4th St.
Montpelier, ID   83254 - 1019
E-mail: jeremy_jirak@fws.gov
Phone Number: 208-847-1757
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  Recreation and Education Opportunities

Fishing opportunities are available in the north portion of the Outlet Canal and along the southern portion of Merkley Lake Road. However, the refuge is not noted for its game fisheries. Fishing is more popular in the nearby mountain streams and adjacent Bear Lake. All anglers 14 years of age and older must carry a valid State fishing license. Dates, bag limits, legal species, and other regulations correspond to the State regulations. Boating is not permitted in the fishing area.

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Hunting for ducks, geese, coots, mergansers, snipe, gray partridge, sage grouse, and cottontails is permitted in designated areas according to State regulations. All hunters must carry a valid State hunting license and all required State and Federal stamps, validations, and permits. Approved nontoxic shot is required.

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Wildlife Observation
Spring, summer, and fall are good times to take advantage of the refuge's excellent wildlife viewing opportunities. May and June are especially prime times to see a lot of wildlife activity, including young Canada goose goslings scurrying to follow their mothers. Often the best bet is to drive along the Wildlife Observation Route. There you should see a variety of waterfowl, waterbirds, and shorebirds. This route is open to vehicle and foot traffic year round, though it may be impassable in winter. Driving the roads that encircle the refuge provides broad vistas of habitat and good chances to see wildlife.

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Bear Lake Refuge welcomes visitors year-round for day use only. At times, large portions of the refuge are closed to public entry to minimize disturbance to wildlife, particularly during the nesting season.

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