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Klamath Marsh
National Wildlife Refuge

HC 63, Box 303
Chiloquin, OR   97624 - 9616
E-mail: r8kbwebmaster@fws.gov
Phone Number: 541-783-3380
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  Wildlife Observation and Photography
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Spring and fall are best for waterfowl: mallards, cinnamon teals, redheads, scaups, gadwalls, ringneck ducks, and Canada geese. Pied-billed and western grebes, pelicans, ospreys, and sandhill cranes can be seen. In the forest, watch for elk, yellow-pine chipmunks, and forest birds including flickers, robins, white-headed woodpeckers, mountain bluebirds, and redbreasted and pygmy nuthatches. Mule deer browse in meadow areas surrounding the marsh in the early morning and evening. In the winter, watch for hawks and bald eagles.

A 10-mile trail meanders by the marshland and through the forested upland. Open to hiking, cross-country skiing, and mountain biking, the trail also serves as vehicle access to the refuge canoe area.

A self-guided canoe trail is located on the 700 acres of open water at the southern tip of the refuge. Generally, the canoe area is open during daylight hours from July 1-September 30, but may be closed due to fluctuating water levels. Only motorless boats may be used, and camping and overnight use are prohibited.

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