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National Wildlife Refuge

Waterfowl, moose and black bear depend on the Innoko River for their survival.
40 Tonzona Avenue
P.O. Box 69
McGrath, AK   99627
E-mail: Innoko@fws.gov
Phone Number: 907-524-3251
Visit the Refuge's Web Site:
The Innoko River is the heart of this National Wildlife Refuge
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  Wildlife Observation and Photography
Continued . . .

Floating down the Innoko River provides opportunities to photograph creatues that come to the river to flee insects or predators and to find food and water. If float-trip photographers (or any other Innoko visitors) plan to venture ashore, they're advised to wear hip boots. Most refuge lands accessible by river consist of low lying marsh or bog. Be aware that mosquitos and other biting bugs are abundant in season. Come equipped with a good repellent, a headnet and a mosquito-tight tent, or you might be too busy itching and slapping to focus your lens.

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