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Elizabeth A. Morton
National Wildlife Refuge

Jessups Neck
2595 Noyak Rd.
Sag Harbor, NY   11963
E-mail: longislandrefuges@fws.gov
Phone Number: 631-286-0485
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The Refuge's beach peninsula is closed to public use April-August to protect the Federally threatened piping plover during their breeding season.
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  Wildlife Observation and Photography
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White-tailed deer, red fox, eastern cottontail, chipmunks, and gray squirrels are the most visible mammals along the trails, often leaving sign in the form of tracks, droppings, or partially eaten plants to let you know they're there. The beach habitat offers countless possibilities to view shorebirds including sandpipers, gulls, plovers and terns (from afar due to partial beach closure during nesting season). Nesting osprey fish in the bay during spring and summer, warning visitors with their high-pitched call, while winter brings ducks to the waters, including long-tailed ducks, white-winged scoter, and black ducks.

The refuge's picturesque quality and diverse habitats make this an ideal spot for both landscape and wildlife photography. Songbirds and raptors will not disappoint, while shorebirds offer more of a challenge because of their size and wariness. Eastern cottontail, chipmunks and squirrels are often willing to "pose". The freshwater pond offers opportunities to photograph wood duck, mallards, and painted turtles. If you're willing to hike around the peninsula, the wetlands on the eastern side host red-wing blackbirds and egrets. Cormorants and sea ducks can be captured with your zoom as they feed and rest in the bay. Shots of the peninsula will take you to an almost tropical mind set as you capture the light sandy beach and blue bay waters on a sunny day.

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