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National Wildlife Refuge

American kestrel, copyright Ed Sambolin
Atlantic Ave.
Amagansett, NY   11930
E-mail: longislandrefuges@fws.gov
Phone Number: 631-286-0485
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American kestrel are one of several raptor species to use the Refuge's double dune habitat as hunting grounds during migration. (copyright Ed Sambolin)
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  Wildlife Observation and Photography
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Ipswich sparrows, rough-legged hawks, and short eared owls spend winter at the refuge offering birders a cold-weather destination. Many people know that snowy owls occasionally make their way as far south as Long Island, and they have been known to land at the Refuge.

While walking the beach and observing wildlife, please respect closed areas, especially during the spring and summer months when beach nesting birds may be present. Your cooperation can help ensure that our threatened and endangered species have a successful breeding season.

Opportunities for photographing wildlife abound along the shores that are the Amagansett NWR! Although a Special Use Permit (contact Refuge Headquarters for information) is required to photograph wildlife and plants using areas closed to the public, the beach offers numerous shots waiting to be captured!

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