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Numerous cutoffs of the Hatchie Scenic River have formed scenic lakes which provide fishing as well as great habitat for wintering flocks of mallards.
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The Hatchie Scenic River is the last unchannelized river of its type in the Lower Mississippi Valley and it supports a rich bottomland hardwoods ecosystem. Sadly, this unique river is in trouble. The Hatchie River is currently experiencing one of the highest sedimentation rates of any river in the world! Nineteen million tons of sediment per year is being deposited into the 1,400,000 acres Hatchie River drainage system. That is comparable to a dump truck load of sand and silt dumped into the water, every 13 seconds.

An alliance of government agencies, conservation groups and landowners have formed an organization called Hatchie PRIDE with the goals of protection, restoration, information and education, development and evaluation of the Hatchie River's two-million acre watershed. They are working together to reduce the sedimentation rate in the Hatchie River.

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