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Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee
National Wildlife Refuge

Aerial photo of refuge interior tree islands during the wet season .
10216 Lee Road
Boynton Beach, FL   33437
E-mail: loxahatchee@fws.gov
Phone Number: 561-732-3684
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Aerial photo of refuge interior tree islands during the wet season .
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  Wildlife Observation and Photography
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Located behind the Visitor Center in the cypress swamp is a 0.4 mile long boardwalk. This boardwalk takes you deep into the 400 acre cypress swamp which is the largest remaining strand of cypress swamp that historically separated the Everglades from the pine forest. Along the boardwalk, interpretive signs are posted to provide visitors with insight into what plant and animal life may be seen in the cypress swamp. You can witness such natural wonders as "swamp tea", thigmotropism, air plants, duck weed, and water spangles, while also seeing common animals such as pileated woodpeckers, marsh rabbits, and cardinals.

The refuge maintains a five and a half mile canoe trail which provides access into the northern Everglades habitat. This trail is self guided or naturalist guided. The naturalist-guided tours appear in our calendar of events (see Interpretation/Visitor Center section for more information). Interpretive signs are posted throughout the trail and there is a floating platform half way around the canoe trail with restroom facilities.

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