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Buffalo Lake
National Wildlife Refuge

P.O. Box 179
Umbarger, TX   79091
Phone Number: 806-499-3382
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  Wildlife Observation and Photography
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Take a 5-mile Wildlife Drive A morning or afternoon leisurely drive through grasslands, woodlands, a dry playa, and farm fields offers excellent chances for spotting wildlife. Along this out-and-back drive (which turns around at Stewart Marsh), you'll see the most birds during spring and fall migration. Deer wander out into the open during winter to nibble plants and leftover crops. The route passes a "Windmill for Wildlife" exhibit, featuring a working windmill. Take time to visit the observation deck and photo blind.

Hike to a Prairie Dog Town Visit a prairie dog town and learn about their social life from interpretive signs along the half-mile trail. Prairie dogs are active during daylight hours but will scurry to their burrows when disturbed. If you remain still and quiet the prairie dogs may soon reappear, allowing you to watch them. Keep a sharp lookout for burrowing owls here too. You'll find the trail just 2 miles south of the Highway 1714 intersection.

Stroll the Cottonwood Canyon Birding TrailThis half-mile trail follows tree-shaded canyon walls along the northwest shore, a favorite riparian destination for songbirds. Take along the refuge bird checklist, carry your camera and binoculars, and see how many species you can find. Restrooms, benches, and an interpretive trailhead sign enhance the refuge's most popular trail, located near the entry gate.

Photography Best Bets Whether focusing on a spring wildflower or aiming a long lens toward a flight of ducks, photographers will find plenty of material here. Best bets for photography include the auto tour route, the scenic overlook and observation blind, and designated hiking trails.

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