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Lewis and Clark
National Wildlife Refuge

46 Steamboat Slough Rd
Cathlamet, WA   98612
E-mail: willapa@fws.gov
Phone Number: 360-795-3915
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  Wildlife Observation and Photography
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Although the refuge is open year-round, the best time to visit to see large numbers of wildlife is from October through April. One secret of seeing more wildlife is to look quietly, since noise scares most animals away.

Public entry on the refuge islands in the Columbia River is limited to foot travel only. The islands are accessible only by boat. Tidal flows and fluctuations, strong winds, and wake from ships in the navigation channel can make boating difficult and sometimes dangerous. Deep channels separate most of the islands at high tide, but tide tables and navigation charts should be consulted to avoid grounding on sandbars. If your boat becomes stuck in the mud, wait for the next high tide to float it free. Launch facilities are located at John Day Point and Aldrich Point in Oregon and at Skamokawa, Washington.

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