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Photo collage of Missisquoi River, Environmental Education, Black Tern, Great Blue Heron Rookery
29 Tabor Rd.
Swanton, VT   05488
E-mail: missisquoi@fws.gov
Phone Number: 802-868-4781
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Missisquoi Refuge is located on the eastern shore of Lake Champlain near the Canadian border. This 6,729 acre refuge provides habitat for migratory birds and other wildlife.
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  Environmental Education
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Animals Butterflies for Beginners, 64 min Attracting Butterflies to Your Backyard, 58 min Bats, Predators of the Wild, 50 min Beginners Video Guide to Eastern Butterflies, 42 min Journey to Bear Country, 21 min Wildlife Tales, Family of Wolves, 25 min Panthers and Cheetahs, 60 min Matter of Perspective (Coyotes in Texas), 23 min Animal Imposters, 60 min Insects, 58 min Penguins and Otters, 30 min Wolves, 60 min White-tails at the Crossroads, Coyotes, 30 min Creatures of the Sea, 30 min Little Creatures Who Run the World, 60 min Cry of the Wild, 80 min Spiders - Web of Steel, 25 min Great Whales, 60 min Gift of the Whales, 30 min Dolphins, 20 min In Praise of Wolves, 50 min

Birds & Waterfowl Attracting Birds to Your Backyard, 52 min Status of the Waterfowl - 2002, 30 min Winged Migration, 89 min Legacy of a Loon, Birds of Prey, 30 min Hummingbirds Up Close, 50 min Hawks Up Close, 50 min Goose Music, 3 min Ducks Under Siege, 60 min Bluebirds Up Close, 50 min Spirit of the Eagle, 30 min The Canada Goose Story, 20 min Raptors at Risk, 25 min Owls Up Close, 55 min Bluebirds Inside the Nest Box, 15 min Woodcock, Woodlands, 20 min The Great Blue Heron Story, 20 min The Winddrifters - Eagles, 20 min

Conservation Silent Spring - Rachel Carson, 60 min In Celebration of America's Wildlife, 28 min The Lungs of the Earth and Rainforest, 17 min Conserving America's Wildlife Heritage, 4 min In Celebration of America's Wildlife, 28 min Save the Earth, 30 min A Desk in the Jungle, 60 min Degradation of the Land, 30 min Branching Out, The Private Life of Plants, 50 min Life in the Wild, Jane Goodall, 28 min Lilliput in Antarctica, Cousteau, 48 min Ancient Forests, 30 min Man of the Trees, 25 min All Things are Connected, 12 min Endangered ESA, 30 min Endangered Species Act, 12 min Hemlock at Risk, 13 min Endangered Species and Pesticides, 13 min Endangered Species Act, NWF, 29 min Spirits of the Rain Forest, 90 min

Education/Instructional Down The Drain, 3-2-1 Contact, 30 min Business of Extinction, 50 min Bugs Don't Bug Us, 35 min Bottom of the Barrel, 3-2-1 Contact, 30 min VPT's Outdoor Journal, Widget of the Jungle, 47 min Wild Things '97 for Refuge Week, 20 min Wild About Life, 55 min Wild Things '98 Shorebirds Running on Empty, 25 min Wild Things '00 for Refuge Week, 20 min You Can't Grow Home Again, Business of Extinction, 50 min HeadJam - Exploring Math, Science and Critical Thinking Skills, 154 min Waste, 29 min Rotten Truth, The, 3-2-1 Contact, 30 min Home For Pearl, 70 min Help Save Planet Earth, 71 min Nova Quiz Show, 60 min Get Busy, How Kids Can Save the Planet, 3-2-1 Contact, 30 min

Fish Pathway to Fishing, 22 min Hooked on Fishing Not Drugs, 30 min Your National Fish Hatchery - Atlantic Salmon, 11 min Sharks, 60 min

Global Awareness People Bomb, The, 105 min Life in the Balance, 60 min Keepers of Eden, The, 58 min Living Planet, 39 min Skywatching, 30 min Fate of the Earth, 57 min Spaceship Earth, 25 min

Government Access for Everyone, 36 min Eagle Rising: The National Eagle Repository, 22 min A Living Legacy, Protecting Our Most Natural Resources, 10 min Beautiful, Collectible Duck Stamp, Wildlife, Wetlands and You, 16 min

National Wildlife Refuge System America's First - Pelican Island, America's National Wildlife Refuge System, 11 min Pelican Island: America's First NWR, For Wildlife and People, 15 min The Journey Begins/The Tradition Continues, 30 min America's Best Kept Secret, 6 min Refuge Management, In Celebration of America's Wildlife, 57 min

Native American Iroquois, 30 min Twentieth Century Medicine Man, 30 min The Native Americans, 50 min Lenape, 30 min Eagle Rising, 23 min Canable Justice, Treehouse People, 50 min Children of the Long Beaked Bird, 29 min Reptiles and Amphibians Reptiles/Amphibians and Birds, 30 min Fascinating World of Snakes, 35 min Reptiles and Amphibians, 60 min Florida's Nuclear Crocs, 24 min Sea Turtles/Ancient Nomad, 30 min

Wetlands Do Your Part - A Wetlands Disc. Adventure, 19 min Conserving America, 57 min Vermont Wetlands, A Natural Resource, Wealth in Wetlands, 23 min Weather in Wetlands, 23 min Wetlands, Canada DU, 29 min Wetlands for the Future - Gulf Coast Joint Venture, Wetlands in Crisis, 20 min Wetlands for the Future - Lower Great Lakes & Atlantic Coast Venture, America's Wetlands, 27 min Our Nation's Wetlands, 20 min Wetland Homes,

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