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Ozark Plateau
National Wildlife Refuge

Bats in Oklahoma are insect eaters.  Most only measure three inches in length with wingspans of about 10 inches.
16602 CR 465
Colcord, OK   74338
E-mail: Shea_Hammond@fws.gov
Phone Number: 918-326-0156
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Ozark Plateau NWR encompasses caves that are the maternity sites for Ozark big-eared bat and offer protection to the gray bat.
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  Environmental Education
Continued . . .

ONCS-1, April: Introduction to Nature Connection: Increasing Comfort in the Wild

ONCS-2, May: Beyond Birding: Messengers of the Wilderness

ONCS-3, June: From the Animal to the Track: Skunks to Scat

ONCS-4, July: Art of Wandering: Knowing Your Plants and Finding Your Way

ONCS-5, Aug: Wild Green Thumbs: Using Plants for Food & Medicine

ONCS-6, Sept: Mentoring Nature Connection – Coyote Mentoring

ONCS-7, Oct: Hands-on Survival Skills Day: Art of Fire

ONCS-8, Nov: Survival: Wilderness Living Skills

Please contact the refuge headquarters or visit www.ozarktrackers.org for more information about the 2011 Ozark Nature Connection Series.

Ozark Plateau NWR Mary and Murray Looney Education and Research Center 16602 CR 465 Colcord, OK 74338 Phone: 918-326-0156 Email: Shea_Hammond@fws.gov

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