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National Wildlife Refuge

Waterfowl, moose and black bear depend on the Innoko River for their survival.
40 Tonzona Avenue
P.O. Box 69
McGrath, AK   99627
E-mail: Innoko@fws.gov
Phone Number: 907-524-3251
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The Innoko River is the heart of this National Wildlife Refuge
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  Wildlife and Habitat

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Moose, black and grizzly bear, wolves, lynx, wolverine, river otter, beaver, porcupine and occassionally caribou are the primary large land mammals found on the refuge. Smaller mammals include snowshoe hare, red fox, red squirrel, marten, muskrat, weasel, mink, several species of shrews, voles and jumping mice. The refuge only has one known amphibian, which is the wood frog. Fishery resources on the refuge include large northern pike, king, coho, and chum salmon, Dolly Varden char, arctic grayling, burbot, and several species of white fish, including sheefish.

Showing little impact from human habitation, the vegetation of the refuge reflects a transition zone between the spruce/birch boreal forest of interior Alaska and the shrubland and tundra common in western and northern Alaska. Lowlands of the refuge are interspersed with wetlands, lakes, rivers, bogs, wet meadows and willow sandbars.

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