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National Wildlife Refuge

Three young black-tailed prairie dogs survey their surroundings from an entrance to their burrow.
702 East Xavier Road
Kirwin, KS   67644
E-mail: kirwin@fws.gov
Phone Number: 785-543-6673
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Black-tailed prairie dogs influence the lives of many prairie animals, including birds of prey, other small mammals, and snakes.
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  Wildlife and Habitat

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Both are intermittent streams, and may dry up in periods of low precipitation. The reservoir water level can fluctuate tremendously from year to year, depending upon rain and snow runoff.

The Refuge is home to a rich variety of wildlife species including 34 species of mammals, 31 species of reptiles and amphibians, and 197 species of birds. Most noted as a waterfowl refuge, Kirwin NWR is a birder's paradise. Visitors to the Refuge are often awed by the impressive numbers of waterfowl, waterbirds, and shorebirds that pass through this area during spring and fall migration.

Four federally listed and two State listed threatened and endangered birds use the Refuge. In addition, 28 birds of conservation concern use Kirwin NWR during migrations each year, and nine of these remain to nest on the Refuge. When conditions are perfect, the Refuge can support approximately 1 million ducks and geese. Hundreds of great blue herons and double-crested cormorants nest in the flooded timber under high water conditions, while endangered interior least terns nest in times of low water. Greater prairie chickens and black-tailed prairie dogs are also found on the Refuge.

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