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An adult trumpeter swan moves across a cattail-lined wetland with five cygnets.
29746 Bird Road
Martin, SD   57551
E-mail: lacreek@fws.gov
Phone Number: 605-685-6508
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The trumpeter swan is a signature species of Lacreek National Wildlife Refuge.
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  Wildlife and Habitat

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Several units are drawn down during the summer to encourage vegetative growth and are then re-flooded in the fall to provide food for migrating waterfowl. The Brown Ranch meadows sometimes have seasonal flooding during which they provide waterfowl and neotropical migrant habitat. The upland habitat is important for resident species such as mule and white-tailed deer, sharp-tailed grouse, and ring-necked pheasants.

The Refuge hosts one of only two nesting colonies of American white pelicans (approximately 3,000 birds) within South Dakota. The Refuge serves as an important staging area for migrating Canada geese, other waterfowl, sandhill cranes, shorebirds, and neotropical migrants. Black-tailed prairie dogs and burrowing owls are common in the uplands, and bald eagles are frequent winter visitors.

The Refuge is the home of the high plains trumpeter swan population, which now totals more than 350 birds. Trumpeter swans began wintering along the Snake River in Nebraska in 1995. The primary goal is achieve a free-ranging population that winters on natural habitat off the Refuge.

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