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Rainwater Basin
Wetland Management District

Vast numbers of waterfowl fly above and around a wetland, darkening the sky.  Hundreds of other waterfowl float upon the water at Rainwater Basin Wetland Management District.
P.O. Box 8 - 73746 V Rd.
Funk, NE   68940 - 0008
E-mail: rainwater@fws.gov
Phone Number: 308-263-3000
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Millions of migratory birds use the wetlands found in Rainwater Basin Wetland Management District.
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  Wildlife and Habitat

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Ninety percent of the continental population of white-fronted geese, nearly 50 percent of the continental mallard population, and 30 percent of the continental northern pintail population use the region for rest and food. Spring migration begins in late February with the arrival of white-fronted geese, snow geese, and northern pintails, and ends in May with teal and shorebirds.

Many types of shorebirds migrate through the area during April and May and again in August and September. Some common shorebird species include yellowlegs, dowitchers, Wilson's phalarope, pectoral sandpiper, and common snipe.

The Rainwater Basin lies immediately south of the Platte River. It complements the river in providing spring migration habitat for 500,000 sandhill cranes.

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