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Fort Niobrara
National Wildlife Refuge

A bison bull sits amongst yellow sunflowers and prairie grasses.
HC 14 Box 67
Valentine, NE   69201
E-mail: fortniobrara@fws.gov
Phone Number: 402-376-3789
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Many of the natural behaviors and traits of bison can be seen today on Fort Niobrara National Wildlife Refuge.
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  Wildlife and Habitat

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The plant communities include sandhills prairie, mixed prairie, Rocky Mountain coniferous forest, eastern deciduous forest, and northern boreal forest. This habitat diversity explains the unique diversity of plants and animals found here.

A stopover spot for numerous neo-tropical migrants, the Refuge hosts some 225 species of birds and 13 commonly seen species of mammals. A prairie dog town on the Refuge covers more than 100 acres, and offers excellent viewing opportunities.

Approximately 350 head of buffalo and 70 head of elk can be found on the Refuge. Also, numerous species of reptiles, plants, and insects can be seen at Fort Niobrara NWR. The rolling sandhills and breaks along the Niobrara River canyon are home to a great variety of wildlife. In the winter, bald and golden eagles can be seen along the river. Wild turkeys can be spotted among the birch, burr oak, and Ponderosa pine.

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