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Wetland Management District

An aerial view of the District shows large, shallow wetlands interspersed with native grasslands and agricultural land.
200 4th St. SW
Room 309 Federal Building
Huron, SD   57350
E-mail: huronwetlands@fws.gov
Phone Number: 605-352-5894
Visit the Refuge's Web Site:
Huron Wetland Management District provides migration and breeding habitats for more than 300 wildlife species.
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  Wildlife and Habitat

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The main focus of the District is to provide breeding, resting, and migration habitat for the hundreds of prairie species that pass through this region each year. Waterfowl, prairie songbirds, and resident wildlife species are plentiful on the District lands and waters. During migration, diverse species of birds make WPAs a bird watcher's paradise.

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