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Upper Souris
National Wildlife Refuge

Standing among the among the golden-brown prairie grasses, two sharp-tailed grouse display their purplish neck sacks to each other during the spring mating season .
17705 212th Ave. NW
Berthold, ND   58718
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During early spring, male sharp-tailed grouse display to each other. The females watch and then select their mate.
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  Wildlife and Habitat

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Waterfowl numbers may exceed 200,000 during spring and fall migration. Tundra swans, northern pintails, canvasbacks, and lesser snow geese use the Refuge for nesting or foraging. Five species of grebes "horned, eared, red-necked, pied-billed, and western (including Clark's)" as well as American white pelicans and black terns, may be found on the Refuge during the summer months. Numerous marshes and wet meadows provide habitat for sora rails, marsh and sedge wrens, yellow-headed blackbirds, and numerous species of shorebirds.

In late spring and early summer, northern leopard, western chorus, and wood frogs can be heard calling on the Refuge. A variety of songbirds such as red-eyed vireos, least flycatchers, ovenbirds, and Baltimore orioles are found in Refuge coulees and river bottomlands. The Refuge is also home to numerous grassland bird species.

Muskrats are common, and careful observation will reveal raccoons, voles, mink, weasels, and coyotes. White-tailed deer are abundant, and an occasional pronghorn and elk can be seen on the hills above the valley. The moose population is increasing on the Refuge.

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